One-Visit Crowns

Same Day Crowns

At Bannerman Family Dentistry, we believe in using the most up-to-date technology available to provide our patients with effective, efficient, and comfortable treatment. One of the best ways we’re able to do this is with CEREC® technology for the creation and placement of crowns. In a single visit to our office, CEREC allows North Little Rock dentist Dr. Bannerman to improve your smile with a beautiful new crown to correct chips, breaks, and even missing teeth.

CEREC Omnicam - Bannerman Family Dentistry

CEREC technology blends 3D imaging and on-site, computer-aided crown milling for an efficient experience for both our patients and our team.

Using CEREC’s 3D imaging software, our team first takes detailed pictures of the inside of your mouth and the tooth needing a crown. These images are converted into 3D models that allow us to expertly design your restoration without using goopy, messy impression trays.

Once the model is created, it is sent electronically to the CEREC in-office milling machine. Your crown is then milled out of high-quality, tooth-colored materials. After around 20 minutes, your new crown is ready for fitting and placement by Dr. Bannerman. Because the entire process is computer-aided, you can be sure your new crown will fit comfortably and look natural next to your other teeth. The best part is the entire procedure is completed in just one appointment, saving you time and money.

What are the Benefits of Cerec?

The advanced CEREC technology not only makes placing crowns faster than ever, it also offers a number of benefits to our patients that will leave them smiling.

  • Accurate 3D imaging means that messy impression trays are a thing of the past. Plus, the images allow us to create a crown that fits comfortably without a lot of adjustments or filing.
  • With same-day creation and placement of crowns, you don’t have to wear an uncomfortable plastic temporary between visits.
  • CEREC provides results that look and feel like your natural, healthy teeth
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